My clockradio is

messing with me these days.

What is it with

this season and peoples mood?

The greatest luxury

is a Saturday with no plans.

Just enjoying

the sun today.

Nerding at a level

as high as this is freaking fabulous.

The good thing about

February is how short it is.

I’ll pick sunday

over Valentine’s Day anytime.

It seems like

taking it easy is the way to ace it.

If you’re wondering

I’m still here.

I never understood why

speech isn’t gold.

I love waving goodbye

to this part of my life.

Nothing as refreshing

as redecorating.

One more minute of

typing and I will go insane.

If you find my

focus please return it asap. Thanks.

I am two cups

from turning into coffee.

Please realize that complaining

most of all is a bad habit.

This is my

kind of math.

I appreciate getting out of

conflicts with a laugh.

Right. But actually

I hate positive shit even more.

Creative intentions are

flooding my brain. Time is drowning them, argh!

I have totally

lost track of time.

It’s depressing how many people

don’t even try to understand how important this is.

For once I did the

opposite. It felt good.

I equally love and hate

having design envy.

Meaningless charts

can make a very meaningful day.

Yay, it’s summer

sorry for the happy spam.

If you’re not a font freak

this might not make sense.

Beginning the day with

good coffee always works.

How can you

not want to, when you see this?

The world is full

of our 26 friends. I love it.
(and apparently forget my own 26friends. when I travel, i’m sorry for the neglect!)

Aaaaw, I know it’s a bit scary

but it’s also really sweet.